Essex County Virginia

Invitation to Essex Community Visioning Forums

Posted on 09/09/2019

Essex County citizens and business owners are invited to discuss the future of Essex County, at a series of community vision workshops:

  1. September 9, 6-8 PM, Beale sanctuary, 202 S. Church Ln.
  2. September 16 6-8 PM Essex Public Library, 117 N. Church Ln.
  3. September 23 6-8 PM St. Margaret’s School, Study Hall 444 S. Water Ln.
  4. September 30 6-8 PM Tappahannock Essex Fire, 620 Airport Rd.

For discussion:

  • What does Essex County want to be, become and be known for?
  • What are our assets and opportunities to develop?
  • What types of economic development do we want here?
  • What new services and external resources are needed to meet community needs?     


No reservations needed; just attend with your positive ideas.