Essex County Virginia

Voter Registration


Due to the latest developments concerning COVID-19 and following the Declaration of Local Emergency for the County of Essex, Virginia by Michael Lombardo, County Administrator, until further notice, this office has closed its doors to the public as a precaution, and to support the efforts being made to stop the spread of this pandemic.

All service are available curbside. Please call 804-443-4611.

We encourage you to vote from home; however, curbside voting is available at the office.

Public Service Announcement - COVID-19 and Elections

Vote from Home

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, voting at home is the safest way to vote.
You may email or call our office to request your ballot application, or visit the Department of Elections website at

Return Your ballot

Mail your voted ballot postmarked on or before Election Day so that it is received at Essex County Elections Office, PO Box 1561, Tappahannock, VA 22560 by noon Friday after the election.
Return your ballot only to the General Registrar at 205 S. Cross St., Suite B, Tappahannock. Call the office, (804) 443-4611, and we will pick up your ballot curbside.

Vote Curbside

Park in our designated voter parking space and call (804) 443-4611.

Accessible Voting

For those unable to vote absentee by mail, or curbside, a ballot marking device is available in the Voter Registration & Elections Office. If you need this service, please call the office in advance to make an appointment (804) 443-4611.


Office hours

Monday through Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Two Saturdays before Election Day: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Voter Registration & Elections

The General Registrar/Director of Elections serves the citizens of Essex County (§24.2-114) by:

  • Providing equitable opportunity for qualified voters to register
  • Maintaining accurate voter, candidate and election records
  • Conducting elections as required by Federal and State law, under the guidance of the Electoral Board, with integrity and efficiency
  • Educating citizens about registration, candidates, and the electoral process


The Electoral Board is composed of three members appointed by the county Circuit Court judges (§24.2-106). Each member serves a staggered three year term. The Electoral Board:

  • Appoints the General Registrar/Director of Elections to a four year term
  • Appoints Over 40 Officers of Election
  • Oversees elections and reports results to the State Board of Elections

 Electoral Board

Edgar C. Robinson, Jr. - Chairman

Richard O. Lyman - Vice Chairman

Gwendolyn H. Darby - Secretary


To Contact the Electoral Board:

office: (804) 443-4611

Fax: (804) 443-4157

Director Of Elections &
General Registrar

 M. Kelly Lafollette

205 S. Cross Street, Suite B

PO Box 1561

Tappahannock, VA 22560-1561

office: (804) 443-4611

Fax: (804) 443- 4157