Essex County Virginia

Planning Commission

Essex County Planning Commission

Members Appointed by: Board of Supervisors
Term:  Four (4) Years
Code Reference:  §15.2-2210 Code of Virginia (1950) as amended.

Essex County Planning Commission meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Beale Administrative Building at 202 South Church Lane, Tappahannock, Va. 22560. 
When no action is required, the Planning Commission does not meet.

Member Name
  District   First Appointed
  Term Expires
Cheryl Evans, CPC   Rappahannock District   07/01/2016   06/30/2020
James L. Gray   Occupacia   05/13/1997   06/30/2020
Carter Ball   Rappahannock District   09/08/2015   06/30/2017
Gordon M. Birkett   Rappahannock District   01/14/2003   06/30/2019
Joey Reinhardt   Rappahannock District   06/11/2013   06/30/2017
Jean E. Segar   Rappahannock District   01/12/1988   06/30/2019
Trent Taliaferro   Rappahannock District   04/10/2001   06/30/2017

Essex County Comprehensive Plan approved July 14, 2015

Land Use Plan Map